"Chiara Oscura"

25/10 - 10/12 2005
C.S. Brancaleone

From the press Release for "Chiara Oscura" by Junko Terao, 2005

"Somebody defined his work as a "new form of reportage". Actually Roberto Saletti's photographs are born from a process which is the exact opposite of what we call reportage. The taking of the photograph remains decisive, but only as far as the initial moment of   a"deconstruction of the object" which finishes with the dark room. "Months or years pass between taking the photo and printing the negative, and in that time I lose any bond with the photographic object which becomes a vague memory, more or less defined." 
And it is precisely in the printing phase that Saletti starts work, making appear, from indefinite times and places, the looks, the faces, the figures of the photographic subjects, giving them to a different dimension from the original, completely cut off from any particular context, where the subjects lose their identity to become universal paradigms of every individuality (...)"